Listserv & Social Media

The Coalition regularly communicates with its members via an official listserv, including announcing conference CFPs, publication opportunities, opportunities for collaboration, and news pertaining to the biennial Feminisms and Rhetorics. Coalition members are also invited to communicate with each other regarding topics of mutual interest. All subscribed members should be able to post directly to the list.

To subscribe, unsubscribe, or manage your listserv credentials, go to .

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook .

Coalition Moderation Guidelines for Social Media and Listserv

The social media accounts and email listserv of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition exist to support the mission of the Coalition, which includes “advancement of feminist research and pedagogy across histories, locales, identities, materialities, and media; and the education and mentoring of feminist faculty and graduate students in scholarship, research methods, praxis, and the politics of the profession.”

Towards this shared mission, our listserv and social media administrators use Twitter and Facebook to:

  1. feature feminist rhetorical practices in scholarly, public, and pedagogical contexts;
  2. amplify the work of coalition members and feminist scholars in rhetoric and composition; and
  3. share opportunities for further feminist research, teaching, action, and leadership.

To support these goals, we maintain a minimal moderation workflow, which may involve flagging content as potentially inappropriate, harmful, or threatening to the community. Even minimal moderation is a challenge for an organization whose members hold varying and political, academic, and activists interests; thus, all decisions will be made in good faith and guided by feminist practices of collaboration, rhetorical listening, empathy, and the need for safety in online spaces.