In 2011, the Coalition began building an archive of key administrative documents for its officers and members, capturing and organizing its past and present histories in a way that made sense for an organization conducting most of its business through e-mail or electronic exchange. Much of that information is publicly accessible by Coalition members and included in various folders below. However, some administrative information is only made accessible to the Executive Board each term. If you have artifacts to share, questions about what to contribute, or queries about documents not included below but possibly contained within the organization's administrative archive, please contact Cristina Ramirez, current Secretary or Alexis Ramsey-Tobienne, current Historian/Archivist.

Annual Meetings

2017 CCCC

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2016 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2016, CCCC"]

2015 FemRhet

[wp-publication-archive tags="2015, FemRhet"]

2015 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2015, CCCC"]

2014 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2014, CCCC"]

2013 FemRhet

[wp-publication-archive tags="2013, FemRhet"]

2013 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2013, CCCC"]

2012 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2012, CCCC"]

2011 FemRhet

[wp-publication-archive tags="2011, FemRhet"]

2011 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2011, CCCC"]

2010 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2010, CCCC"]

2009 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2009, CCCC"]

2008 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2008, CCCC"]

2007 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2007, CCCC"]

2006 Rhetoric Society of America

[wp-publication-archive tags="2006, RSA"]

2006 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2006, CCCC"]

2005 FemRhet

[wp-publication-archive tags="2005, FemRhet"]

2005 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2005, CCCC"]

2004 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2004, CCCC"]

2003 FemRhet

[wp-publication-archive tags="2003, FemRhet"]

2003 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2003, CCCC"]

2002 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2002, CCCC"]

2001 FemRhet

[wp-publication-archive tags="2001, FemRhet"]

2001 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2001, CCCC"]

2000 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="2000, CCCC"]

1999 FemRhet

[wp-publication-archive tags="1999, FemRhet"]

1999 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="1999, CCCC"]

1998 CCCC

[wp-publication-archive tags="1998, CCCC"]

1997 FemRhet

[wp-publication-archive tags="1997, FemRhet"]

Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws

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Feminisms and Rhetorics Planning

2019 James Madison University

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, JMU, 2019"]

2017 University of Dayton

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, U Dayton, 2017"]

2015 Arizona State University

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, ASU, 2015"]

2013 Stanford

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, Stanford, 2013"]

2011 Minnesota State University

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, MSU, 2011"]

2009 Michigan State University

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, MSU, 2009"]

2007 University of Arkansas, Little Rock

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, UALR, 2007"]

2005 Michigan Tech University

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, Mich Tech, 2005"]

2003 Ohio State University

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, OSU, 2003"]

2001 Millikin University

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, Millikin, 2001"]

1999 University of Minnesota

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, U Minn, 1999"]

1997 Oregon State University

[wp-publication-archive tags="FemRhet, OSU, 1997"]



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Lisa Ede Day

[wp-publication-archive tags="Lisa Ede Day"]


Subcommittee and Task Force Proposals and Reports

Archivist and Historian Search

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Book, Article, and Mentoring Awards

[wp-publication-archive tags="Book-and-Article-Awards"] [wp-publication-archive tags="Book-Article-Mentoring-Awards"]

Digital and Social Media Task Force

[wp-publication-archive tags="Digital-and-Social-Media"]

Financial Planning Task Force

[wp-publication-archive tags="Financial-Planning"]

Mission Articulation Task Force

[wp-publication-archive tags="Mission Articulation"]

Peitho Journal and Editor Search

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Treasurer Search

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Website and Web Coordinator Search

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Treasurer Reports

Treasurer Reports

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2015 FemRhet Conference Video

[wp-publication-archive tags="2015 FemRhet Conference Video"]

2014 Coalition Documentary

[wp-publication-archive tags="2014 Coalition Documentary"]

2008 History Video

[wp-publication-archive tags="2008 History Video"]