The Winifred Bryan Horner Outstanding Book Award


The Winifred Bryan Horner Outstanding Book Award is presented biennially in even-numbered years for work in the field of composition and rhetoric to recognize outstanding scholarship and research in the areas of feminist pedagogy, practice, history, and theory. The award carries a $100.00 honorarium and will be presented biannually at the Wednesday evening meeting of the Coalition at the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

Award Recipients

2016—Cristina Devereaux Ramírez for her monograph Occupying Our Space: The Mestiza Rhetorics of Mexican Women Journalists and Activists, 1875-1942 (University of Arizona Press, 2015). Honorable mention goes to Carolyn Skinner for her monograph Women Physicians and Professional Ethos in Nineteenth-Century America (Southern Illinois University Press, 2015).

2014—Jacqueline Jones Royster and Gesa E. Kirsch for their co-authored Feminist Rhetorical Practices: New Horizons for Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies (Southern Illinois University Press, 2012).

2012—Susan Delagrange for Technologies of Wonder: Rhetorical Practice in a Digital World (USUP and CCDP, 2011).

2010—Mary P. Sheridan-Rabideau for Girls, Feminism, and Grassroots: Activism in the GirlZone (SUNY Press, 2008).


An eligible work must have been published in the two years previous to the year of the award. (For example, a work eligible for the 2018 award will have been published in calendar year 2016 or 2017.) Single or multiple authored books, as well as edited volumes, are eligible. We welcome nominations from authors, editors, publishers, or readers. To be eligible for the award, a nominee must be a member of Coalition at the time of nomination.

Review Criteria

  • Is the work relevant to and may it be situated within the broadly defined fields of feminist research in Composition and Rhetoric?
  • Does the work demonstrate a fair and balanced research agenda in the form of feminist inquiry: archival, historical, classroom-based, community based, empirical, or theoretical work?
  • Is the need for this research within the field clear and compelling?
  • Is this research problem couched within existing scholarship of the field?
  • Does the scholarship provide a framework by which the field may be advanced by other researchers?
  • Does the work make a substantial contribution to the field?

Nominations and Contact

Nominations must be received by December 1, 2017 and must include five (5) copies of the book and a brief (500 words) nominating statement. Electronic submissions are accepted.

Jenn Fishman
Immediate Past President, CFSHRC
English, Marquette Hall 115
1217 W. Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Contact Jenn Fishman ( for additional information.