The Nan Johnson Outstanding Graduate Student Travel Award


The Nan Johnson Outstanding Graduate Student Award is presented biennially in odd years to graduate students working in the field of composition and rhetoric to recognize outstanding scholarship and research in the areas of feminist pedagogy, practice, history, and theory. The award is designed to assist students who would like to attend the Feminisms and Rhetorics conference by providing $200.00 travel stipends and conference registration. The Coalition will award 5 awards for graduate students to attend the 2017 Feminisms and Rhetorics conference. To be eligible for the award, nominees must be members of CFSHRC at the time of nomination.

Award Recipients

FemRhet 2017Ruth Osorio, University of Maryland
Sweta Baniya, Purdue University
Tamara Bassam Issak, University of Syracuse
Jennifer Enoch, Florida State University
Marion Wolfe, Ohio State University

FemRhet 2015—April Cobos, Old Dominion University

FemRhet 2013—Award not given this year

FemRhet 2011—Tara Wood, University of Oklahoma


  • Student must be an accepted presenter at the conference
  • Student must be a Coalition member
  • Student must provide a letter describing the ways in which their research is consistent with the conference theme and the mission of the Coalition
  • Students should provide a letter from a faculty mentor in their program indicating support for the application and that they do not have other significant financial support for the conference. This letter may be sent separately, directly by the faculty mentor.

Application and Contact

Date for submission is Sept 1 of FemRhet conference years. Send applications electronically to Lisa Mastrangelo (, Immediate Past President.