Article I. Statement of Purpose
The Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition is a learned society composed of women scholars who are committed to research in the history of rhetoric and composition. The Coalition has been formed to promote and foster collaboration and communication among women whose area of specialization is in these two areas. It has two major aims:

1) the advancements of research in the history of rhetoric and composition and
2) the education of women faculty and graduate students in the politics of the profession.

Article II. Membership
The General Membership consists of women who are interested in research in the history of rhetoric and composition.

Article III. Governance

A. Offices
There is an Executive Board of five women: a President, Vice President, Treasurer, an Immediate Past President, and one other member. Executive Board members are established scholars who have published research in the field of historical rhetoric and composition studies and are tenured in their home institutions.  There is also an Advisory Board of women, who have an historical connection to and a current invested interest in the coalition; they attend board meetings and serve as mentors at coalition sessions.

B. Terms of office
All Executive Board Members will have a two–year term of office that begins April 15 and concludes April 14 two years later.

Article IV. Procedures for Elections

A. Nominating Committee will consist of the Immediate Past President, who will chair the committee and will appoint one women from the Executive Board and two women from the General Membership.

B. The election of the Vice President and the Secretary–Treasurer will take place every two years by mail.

Article V. Revision of the Constitution
The Constitution may be revised by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Article VI. Meeting Place
A. The Coalition’s main meetings will take place at the annual meeting of the Conference of College Composition and Communication.

The Wednesday evening of the 4Cs will be a regular meeting time.

B. Additional meetings may be held at the Rhetoric Society of America, the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, the Speech Communication Association, the Modern Language Association and other suitable organizations.

Article VII. Publications
The Coalition will publish the results of its work in various venues.

Signed March 24, 1990, Chicago, Illinois. Kathleen Welch (President), Marjorie Currie Woods (Vice-president), Winifred Bryan Horner (Secretary), Nan Johnson, C. Jan Swearingen.


*=Superceded by The Bylaws in 2007. This constitution served as the charter of the Coalition and its governing document from 1990-2007. [Download as .pdf]